The Dance of Love

I’m not a big TV fan but one show I do enjoy is Dancing With The Stars. Andy Dick is one of the contestants on the show this season. If you don’t know who he is, Andy is an actor and comedienne who is presently a recovering addict. He has been in rehab thirteen times and has had a tough time in life. Every time I’ve seen Andy in an interview I’ve been aware of his longing to be well and to be whole.

Andy Dick
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Andy is not the best dancer but he puts his heart into what he does. On Monday night he dedicated his Viennese Waltz to his fifteen-year-old daughter, who is always in the audience. He chose the song Hallelujah to dance to and the performance was a tribute to the human spirit and its ability to keep bouncing back.

I broke into tears as I watched Andy dance for his daughter. I heaped blessings upon him as I felt the hopefulness within him for forgiveness and for redemption. His longing to get it right this time for himself and his child was palpable.

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When the camera panned to the audience and showed the daughter’s face, I could feel her love for her dad and her hopes and dreams for their future together . The great spirit of forgiveness was evident in her shining eyes as she watched her father dance for her.

As he twirled around the dance floor I was so aware of the buoyancy of the human spirit.  We carry within ourselves the ability to bounce back from the worst adversities imaginable. Sometimes when we are so far down and we don’t know how to get up, the knowledge that there is one person cheering for us helps us find the energy to rebound.


We can all be that person in others lives; that one who is willing to be present to their reality. We can  be willing to speak the words, “I love you and I believe in you,” when necessary. We can all reflect back to others the message of compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.

Andy Dick may have thought he was only dancing for his daughter, however I believe many heard and saw what Andy represented. Hope, tenacity, faith, and the desire to be healed were all present in his dance of love.

The universe would not be the same without you.
You are important.
Love and peace ♥ Brenda

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14 Responses to The Dance of Love

  1. pathwriter says:

    Brenda…I, too, have been watching and pulling for Andy each week. He has a sweet and earnest spirit, and I agree that this show is an important leg of his personal path to redemption. And he actually is a pretty good dancer…lots of potential there! I join you in wishing that he stays in the competition for many more weeks. :)

  2. Peg Snyder says:

    I agree so totally with you. Every week as I watch Andy struggle I can see that it’s not only the dance he struggles with….with each breath he is struggling to really for once and for all ” make it”…..past the addiction…..past the ridicule… find his beautiful spot in this world. I find myself praying during every results show that he isn’t sent home…..with each save in this dance show, his whole being is saved a little bit more…and with each little confidence he gains in the dancing, he gains as a person who struggles with life. Even if he doesn’t win this dance reality show…..I pray that the dance and camaraderie he is finding in that group will be part of the building blocks that block the deep dark hole so he never again falls in. Thank you for writing about Andy. Your words were beautiful.

    • brendamarroy says:

      My dear Peg,
      I am so glad to know there is someone else who sees the spirit at work in this man as he dances for his “beautiful spot in this world.” Your words have gladdened my heart. Thank you for reading and for leaving a comment. Hugs, Brenda

  3. My dear Brenda,
    You write like a person born to write. Like a beautiful dance expressed from the deepest part of one’s soul, your words danced on my heart today. Thank you for this eternal message of love and hope brought so vividly by the imagery of dance. Sharon

    • brendamarroy says:

      I am receiving your kind and loving words today with a heart filled with gratitude. Thank you for supporting my work by reading my words and leaving a comment.

      Something about this man, Andy Dick, has reached into my heart and touched me in a deep way. Perhaps it is his struggle to get it right and to walk the redemption road. I don’t even know this man but I think of him often and each time I do I bless him and his desire. Unfortunately, he probably has no idea the impact he has made on my life and perhaps on many other lives. Thanks again for reading. Love and hugs to you. Brenda

      • I sometimes feel that way so strongly about a person I have read about or watched from afar. There are few heroes in life and the ones we find we must bless them. I am sure your silent thoughts of goodwill energises and directs his paths in ways you and him will never know but one day you’ll know! I think we can be guardian angels that way to others even while on earth. You have a deep, kind and passionate heart Brenda. May you draw beautiful treasures from it. Sending you my blessings…Sharon

  4. Stacie says:

    Oh, Brenda. This is absolutely beautiful. Both the dance, and your words about it! <3

  5. Roseann T. Kriebel says:

    Brenda~~~There—you are writing unfettered by a time table. Wonderful!

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