Miracles Abound

Yesterday, my daughter was telling me a story about how on her way to a town about 45 miles away, her car broke down. She told my mother and great granddaughter, who were in the car with her, that she felt it happened the way it did because perhaps they did not need to be on the highway at a certain time of the day. Everyone stayed calm and after a delay they rented a car and were on their way. All was well.

It reminded me of a trip I took with my mother a few years back. I had taken her to Arkansas to visit my brother and on the way back we decided to stop at a Sonic for a special coffee drink.

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The service was very slow and my mother was getting very aggravated. She kept saying, “Let’s just leave.” I refused to leave because I had ordered and paid for something and I was determined to get my drink before getting back on the road.

After about a fifteen minute delay, we were on  our way. As we approached Vicksburg, Ms the sky began to darken. We went through the city in rain and strong winds and on the other side of Vicksburg, as we made our way to Jackson, Ms., weather alerts began to tell us about bad weather in the Jackson area.

The closer we got to Jackson the worse the weather got. The alerts were increasing on the radio and there was talk of tornadoes spawning all around the area. A few miles outside of Jackson, which was about fifteen minutes down the road from where we were, we came to the place that was hardest hit. The tornado had swept across the highway and there were cars overturned, roofs off of buildings, and accidents all over the place.

quote by Deepak Chopra

quote by Deepak Chopra

As we slowly drove through the devastation it hit me why it had taken so long to get our drinks on the other side of Vicksburg. I knew beyond a doubt that had we not had to wait that extra fifteen minutes we would have been in the midst of the tornado when it moved across the stretch of highway we were now on.

My mother and I spent the rest of the day in gratitude for being slowed down earlier in the day. We both knew that miraculously we had been spared being part of a horrific event.

In that experience I learned to trust spirit and to look beyond what is happening in front of my face. We never know when we are being protected from something that would not be for our highest good. Slow traffic, a failed job interview, a broken relationship, our car breaking down, or having our plans messed up can sometimes be the best thing that could happen to us.

www. litquotes.com

www. litquotes.com

When we walk in trust that we are connected to something greater than ourselves, we often get to experience miracles. When we fight to be in control of life, instead of surrendering to it, we miss all of the miracles that are happening around us, on our behalf. Keep your eyes and ears open, embrace quiet, and just watch. Miracles abound. 


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