A Love Letter

Dear Readers,

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I saw you in a dream last night. You were standing by a still, calm river, in a group, all connected. As I looked closely at you this is what I saw:


You are beautiful. No matter your age, what your skin looks like, how much you weigh, the color of your hair or eyes, your ethnicity, your race, or how you see yourself, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Accept every part of you, own yourself, feel your beauty.

th_blue_heart_love-1You are a magnificent human being.  Because you may have done something wrong at some time in your life, doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.  Anyone who has told you something or behaved in a way to make you think you are less than magnificent was not telling the truth. As a creation of divine energy, you are MAGNIFICENT. Choose to step away from your thoughts about what others may or may not say, and see your possibilities.

You are powerful. You may have tried things and failed, been told to sit down and shut up, felt powerless in many situations, are afraid of change, or been treated like a minority or second-class citizen. None of that really matters because the essence of who you are, which is spirit,  is POWERFUL. Find your voice, be courageous, step into your authentic power, and use it for the good of all.

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You matter.  Rejection, abandonment, betrayal, not being listened to, not being seen, being called names or being abused can make us believe we are not important. What’s true, at the deepest level, is the world would not be the same without your presence. Feel your worth. YOU MATTER.

You are unique. You are not the story you tell yourself about your life, you are not your thoughts or beliefs. Do not let yourself be defined by others thoughts of you. You are a unique, whole person. You are deserving of love, compassion, kindness, and acceptance. Be willing to step beyond the confines this world and society places on you.  You are UNIQUE.

From Dr. Seuss

From Dr. Seuss

Today is your day to shine, to look at yourself in the mirror and practice loving what and who you see, to dance for the sheer joy of being alive, and to embrace your fullness. Be big. Be you.

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Love and hugs,



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